Welcome to the SanDoKai Martial Arts & Cultural Center,

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The gift of heritage, and the promise of future gifts to the families and communities that we serve .

SanDoKai (sahn-doh-kaheye) is a community of karate practitioners that is committed to promoting the dojo as a disciplined, centered house of the way. The way promotes and encourages martial arts training and uses discipline to gain a deeper awareness of our connections with nature and each other. We do so by creating a training environment that is intergenerational, and that celebrates diversity, art, and culture from the grassroots up.

Our Martial Arts Objectives

The objective of the SanDoKai Community is to create environments (dojo's) where individuals are respected, and feel safe to make changes that allow the student to stretch to their fullest potential.

Goal of the Dojo

To encourage and demonstrate an environment where students are open to constructive critique and guidance in developing healthy physical and social lifestyles of purpose and rewards. 

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