Double Draw

The first of many advanced SDKs: The Double Draw

Double parry your opponent's strike, and strike them from the outside of their body, countering with two quick strikes to the face or body.

Grabbing The Tiger

The second advanced SDK: Grabbing the tiger.

Double parry your opponent's first strike, then advance in. Grab your opponent's striking hand and twist it to your hip. Apply pressure against their shoulder to bring them down.

Double Blitz

The Third Advanced SDK: Double Blitz

Like Double Draw, double parry your opponent's strike and advance towards them to the inside of their body. Then strike them twice to the face or body.

Aggressive Lion

The Third Advanced SDK: Aggressive Lion

Single parry your opponent's first strike then immediately strike to the ribs. With your leading hand, strike to the face then advance into your opponent striking with your off-hand elbow.

Exploding Fist

The Fifth Advanced SDK: Exploding Fist

Like Aggressive Lion, single parry your opponent's strike and strike them back at the same time. Then with your parrying hand, backfist your opponent to the face and follow up with a strike from your off-hand to the face.

From Heaven To Earth

Dancing Crane

Pulling Lightening From Heaven

Bear Hug Release - inside

Bear Hug Release - outside