Kihon is the most fundamental and most important practice of any system – basic punches, basic stances, basic blocks, basic kicks, postures and attitudes; and the standards they exhibit are critical to each martial arts school.

 Kihon, its practice and mastery is essential to all advanced training, and includes the practice of correct body form and breathing, while practicing basics such as stances, punches, kicks, blocks, and thrusts.

 Kihon is not only the practicing of techniques, it is also in the Karate-ka, the fostering of the correct spirit and attitude at all times.

 Kihon techniques tend to be practiced often, in many cases during each practice session. They are considered fundamental to mastery and improvement of all movements of greater complexity.

Most martial arts techniques evolve around standing forms, especially Karate which emphasizes stances and employs various parts of the body for offense and defense. The Kihon Stances address attitude & posture, breath & balance, and connectivity & movement from the center. The Hand and Foot techniques can be sub-divided into three classifications; Thrusting (zuki); Striking (uchi); and Blocking (ude).