Kumite in most martial arts system is intended to allow students the freedom to practice and apply the offensive and defensive techniques practiced in the Kihon and Kata.

  • The attacker should deliver attacks with power and preciseness, executed such that the defender will be unable to mount and effective counterattack.


  • The defender should counter the attacks with complementally power and preciseness, executed such that the attackers' weapon is deflected, as the defender counterattacks forcefully with preciseness.

The purpose of Kumite is to aid in the development of mentality and the strengthen of attitude & character. As well as help students apply techniques in a manner that one can confidently face real opponents. Through applying these techniques in a safe manner such as Kumite, in a safe area such as a dojo, it will also allow students to reliably raise their self-confidence which will in turn aid students to face and conquer one’s fears. Thus, Kumite must be practice of with truth and honesty.